In my early years at Good Housekeeping [magazine], Evelyn truly shaped me into an editor by being such an impeccable one herself, going through my early drafts line by line with me…patiently explaining what should be changed. [Eventually] I was able to hear Evelyn in my head as I wrote, advising me on the best introduction, sentences, or conclusions. I consistently used what I learned from her as I edited other writers: never rewriting but rather reworking, shaping and polishing what was already there."

It’s been my privilege to work with Evelyn Renold in two capacities. When I contributed articles and essays to Good Housekeeping she was a dream editor - clear, direct, smart and to top it off, witty. Every interaction was a pleasure. When I transitioned to writing novels, Evelyn was the editor I chose to review my completed manuscript. Her insightful and intelligent remarks helped me write a better book. I highly recommend her for projects large or small.”

Good editors are magic. For the last 20 years, I’ve come to rely on Evelyn Renold for transforming my rough ideas and half-baked sentences into clear, precise, elegant prose. Whether the subject has been physics, family, politics or the intersection of fashion and feminism, she’s been the keen eye that spots the small weaknesses in word and structure that can snag thoughts and stop readers in their tracks - and then suggests seamless fixes. These days, I don’t write as much as a 100-word bio without it passing by her, much less a book proposal. A prominent presence on the acknowledgement pages of my recent books, Evelyn is that rare wordsmith who can provide everything from strong narrative lines to picky line editing."

Evelyn Renold provided expertise and feedback on the manuscript of my first novel. As an aspiring author, I found her comments and input extremely  valuable - to the point, highlighting accurately the good and the bad, inspiring and never discouraging.  I will definitely use her for future projects."


Executive Editor, People Magazine


Author of eight non-fiction books, including the best-seller, The Universe and the Teacup: The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty.


Best-selling author of five novels including the recently published The Other Side of Paradise